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What Monika does 

As a mother, spouse, business professional and investor, Monika has enjoyed many of life’s ups and downs. It made her aware of the value of women’s financial independence and the benefits of financial freedom and security.


With over 20 years in Asia, both in the corporate sector and continually managing a successful private family investment portfolio, Monika understands the demands that many women face in this part of the world. Her mission is to help other women to gain long-term financial security and independence. She is enthusiastic about sharing her passion, her experience in investing.  Her aim is to give confidence and financial knowledge to other women, so they can make investment decision based on knowledge rather than trust.

As an independent financial coach, she is unbiased towards various investment instruments and helps women understand the risks and opportunities pertaining to various products. As a private investor, she follows the Value Investing Strategy.

Aside from a Magister (MBA equivalent) majoring in Financial Markets and Accounting, she is a certified AWP™ and AFP™ from the Financial Planning Association of Singapore and an alumnus of the Value Investing Executive Training at Columbia University.

Why women-focused?

Financial independence empowers. Traditionally in many cultures men take care of the Financial Planning and Investing as they were mainly earning the family income in the past.  Hence they have more financial knowledge and confidence.

In the 21st  century, as many women earn their own income, they too look for financial knowledge and confidence to secure their financial future. Marriage is no longer a guarantee for financial security. The job demands on husbands leaves less time for Financial Planning too. So women with financial knowledge can help to create a further income stream for the family.

And why should they not? Women possess emotional intelligence, are more realistic about accessing risk, hence do more in-depth research into potential investments and their intuition is genetically stronger imbedded in their DNA. All qualities that are crucial for Financial Planning and Investing.


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Value investing is a passion that Monika has studied over many years. As she has often reiterated success comes with understanding and patience.  These things can be learned however, and Monika has always sought to convey the importance of having a real interest in the investments that she follows, emphasising both an understanding in the products and the business, as well as the risks and financial implications.

I really can't recommend a better teacher and in terms of investing and guiding on the road to, hopefully, healthier finances  and independence.  I wish I had followed her advice more closely over the years.

Fiona Stewart

I have valued Monika for many years as a competent and empathetic sparing partner in various financial matters. Her honest advice has often helped me to make the right decisions.

Anneliese Pomberger

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