What I offer

Workshops and events 


My talks will help you to:

  • Gain control of your finances

  • Protect your wealth from devaluation

  • Plan for your financial future

  • Take advantage of opportunities in the financial markets

  • Better understand the risks involved

  • Learn about various financial products, their opportunities and risks involved.

Please check the upcoming Event listings below for more information and to​ sign-up.


One-on-one coaching - coming Q1 2021

Private Sessions tailored to your individual need,  conducted in the privacy of an office. For more information or to sign-up,  please use my contact page or call me on my direct line: +65 8299 7230.


In-depth online seminars designed to hone-in on specific topics of financial planning and investing. Please check the upcoming Webinar listings below for more information and to sign-up.

Upcoming Events & Webinars
  • [Event] Breakfast Talk at the Singapore German Chamber
    How can you get the best out of your cash savings without them sitting idle in your Bank account?

    Date: To be confirmed

  • During Phase 2 of COVID lockdown there will be regular webcasts published until physical workshops can be resumed.

    Date: To be confirmed

Past workshops conducted

  • M3: Financial Planning & Investing:
    Why do we need to invest in equities? What to observe when buying equities? What are REITS?
     Q&A Session: Mitigation Strategies in challenging Financial Market
    environments. (28 November 2019)


  • M2: Financial Planning & Investing:
    Gain an understanding of Financial Planning, Understand Bonds. What can help you to generate a further income stream?
     (17 October 2019)

  • M1: Financial Planning and why we need it! The Wonder of Compounding.
    (30 May 2019)