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What I offer

Corporate Seminars

Unlock Financial Wellness within Your Workforce!

Help your employees to achieve financial security and the lifestyle they deserve in retirement. Women’s Finance Coach teaches your employees the fundamentals of Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) investing and financial long-term planning.


I provide knowledge & tools for long-term investing without selling products. Your employees will be able to base their investment decisions on knowledge rather than trust.


Financial security is one important cornerstone of overall wellness and employee satisfaction, help your employees to become knowledgeable investors.


WFC offers hands-on, unbiased financial training in 3 engaging sessions, available physically in the office or virtually. They empower employees to:


  • Master financial planning in regard to financial goal planning/retirement planning and understanding the impact of the long-term Compounding Effect in creating wealth


  • Understand how to create an additional income stream for retirement or individual financial goals through simple ETF investing with reasonable annual charges


  • Become more confident as investors by understanding how to allocate various Exchange Traded Funds into a portfolio considering risk and return

For a proposal, please email: or use my contact page.

One-on-one coaching

Private Sessions to set you on your path to financial freedom and security,  conducted in the privacy of my office. My individual coaching sessions are tailored to your requirements and will help you to: 

  • Establish financial health and embrace household budgeting

  • Calculate your financial goals with the Time Value of Money Method 

  • How to protect your wealth from devaluation

  • Plan for your financial future and find your path to financial freedom

  • Gain confidence in investing, base your investment decisions on knowledge rather than trust.

  • Learn portfolio planning and asset allocation

  • Learn about various low-fee financial products, their opportunities and risks involved

  • Evaluate your current portfolio


To view Standard Coaching Packages please click to request access here:

For further information, please use my contact page or WhatsApp on:

+65 8299 7230.

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